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Fixed Background Lag on Mobile Scroll Down

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m having a slight issue with a background element on mobile that I need some help with. The page in particular is the /new-home page.

Since the fixed background on mobile feature has been removed due to it causing a few issues I’ve had to add in a fixed section specifically for a background with a z-index of -1. This has sizing of 100 VH and 100 VW. This has fully solved the issue I had with adding a fixed background but there seems to be an issue still when scrolling.

When on Chrome or Safari (mobile) the browser menu covers a small amount of the screen at the bottom so that when I scrol down the area of the page that was behind that menu hasn’t had the background fill in. As soon as I let go of the scroll the background rectifies itself and the issue is then gone until the browser menu bar reappears, then it’s the same issue. Wee the screenshots below.

@Waldo any ideas? Is this avoidable?

Here is my public share link:

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