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First time open on menu doesn't animate the first time... Bug or normal?

I saw this in a previous thread, but it wasn’t ever answered. Just finished up my portfolio website and I’m noticing that the first time I click my top right menu, the animation doesn’t work… but all the times after the initial open, it animates fine. Every time it’s refreshed, it will pop into the screen the first time, and animate as expected after that.

Just wondering if this is normal or a bug in webflow? Not a huge deal here, but it would be nice if it would animate appropriate on the first tap or click.

Thanks to anyone who know’s what’s up here.

finished site:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi there,

Thanks for posting — sorry to hear about the trouble with your menu!

I tested on this end but it appears to be working as expected. Were you able to find a fix?


Thanks for your input and gif here @Brando :slight_smile: Your gif appears to be illustrating the problem I’m having still. When you click it the first time, the green background of the menu does NOT slide into place, but when you click it a second time, the animation sliding does occur as expected. The gif you sent shows it simply popping into place and not animating on that first click. I’m also attaching a gif that shows the first, then second click.

Let me know if you think this is a bug or something else to do with the animation?

Thank you!

Hi @Bodwa

Can you please try removing this All transition?

Then instead, add a transition for each specific type that you need (i.e. transfer, opacity, etc).

Please let me know if this helps :bowing_man:


Hey! That did the trick! nice! I was using that as an easy catch all for animations, but now I see that that is not the best practice. this is so great. Thanks for helping me clear this up and see the errors of my ways of building. You’re great!



Nice, so happy to hear that helped @Bodwa! :tada:

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