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Firefox reverting to 1 column instead of 2

Hi there - can anyone help?

Firstly here is my public share link: LINK

I’ve run into a strange error. I have an area of text on my site (exhibitions Template) set for 2 columns in desktop view, and then 1 column for tablet / mobile

Site address:
(the error is seen towards the bottom of the page)

This works a treat in Chrome and Safari, but not in Firefox - In Firefox it appears 1 column in desktop view as well as mobile.

The settings I used to achieve this are:

The text is dynamic
My dynamic list is set to 2 column width
and the I believe auto returns to 1 column on tablet/mobile.

To run the columns smoothly, with no gaps and to include a further dynamic text that is sometimes used My Dyn-Item is set as ‘inline-block’
and then the rich text fields is further contained within a Div (bio-text-div-wrap)

Let me better explain in screen grabs:

The correct 2 column layout seen in Chrome:

The error of 1 column seen in Firefox:

A preview of my design settings:

And showing that ‘bio-dyn-list’ is set to 2 columns:

Many thanks

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