Finsweet Search only Searching Categories and not products

Hey folks! I used finsweet CMS Filter for a product browse section of my site and added in a search bar.

It was working totally fine before, but for some reason now the only queries that work are categories and none of the product names or descriptions are searchable anymore. This was working as of a couple weeks, no idea what happened.

Example - searching Cats should pull up our Cat designs but no longer does

Anyone run into something similar? READ ONLY LINK


Looks like you need to set the custom attribute

fs-cmsfilter-field = ‘name’

On the “browse-list-design_name” text tag (the product name). As this is what Finsweet CMS filters use to filter the list. Possibly it got removed during some edits of the site somewhere?!

More documentation is available here: CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes

Thank you so much Tom! Made some small edits and didn’t carry over the custom attributes… duh! Really appreciate it.

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