Finsweet CMS Nest Not Running When Logged in

Heyyy beautiful people! I have been working a lot with Finsweet’s ecosystem, testing, failing and learning.

I’ve working on a project for a real estate agency with lots of complex filtering 300+ items on CMS Filter. I talked about some performance issues in this post:

Anyway, I’m making a page exclusive for the team so they can create custom links with selected items for the clients, but for some reason the CMS Nest was not running in the page when logged into the Editor, only in the Incognito Mode.

Because the page was only for internal use, I deactivated the Search Engine Indexing option on the page settings, but this turned out to cause a glitch on the CMS Nest for some reason. So if you’re having this problem, make sure you keep that option on.

I hope this helps!