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Fine Grid layout not fitting within display

Hi there,

I am having difficulties trying to scale my grid to fit within all sizes of screens (phone, tablet, etc…)

My grid has been “refined” to create smaller cells so that I can create a feel of a random area layout, and all columns have been sized for 1FR.
However, it feels like webflow doesn’t scale down the grid to fit within my screen (while keeping the “fine resolution” of the smaller grid cells.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Here is a screenshot

And here is my website link.

Thanks in advance!


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The grid have to be designed for all break points. You can’t use the same layout for all break points. I normaly do one layout for Computer/ipad, one for landsape mobile and one for normal mobile

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That makes sense! Thanks for your kind help.

Do you know what is the maxium recommended number of "1FR"s for a phone screen?


On mobile I’m using one col

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