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F'in sweet CMS Library for Webflow!

Hey @Finsweet I tried using two paginations with 2 different cms on same page, seems like the first one is working but on the second cms, the previous button doesnt show up and next button is not working, Could you please help me in that!!

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Hey, I’m desperate for this functionality, did you find a fix for this?

This is wonderful work - but why is finsweet setting Google Analytics cookies on this? Any way to disable that? I really can’t have any third party cookies on my site.

@Finsweet Using your library all over, it is simply great. One questions about the “combine” component for cms lists. I combined two lists – does the native “sort order” by webflow work for the combined list? I do not see it working for me, it lists the items combined by not in one order, but still to separated list after each other.

Any idea?


Have you had any luck with this?? Can’t get it working and desperately need to.

@Finsweet Hello.
I want to use a CMS filter. Can I dynamically add custom attributes "filter-by: " ?

My goal is to make it so that the client can add new filters and filter content independently. How can I achieve this?

Thank you guys for upping and simplifying Webflow capabilities and for documenting it so well!

Webflow is great for designers like me who are not coming from the developer side.
Of course there’s always room for improvements, and you guys seem to make it a point to address these.
One of the things with opportunities for improvements is the Select dropdown element.
It would be great if:

  • it would not exclusively be reserved to be used as a child of the Form block
  • the dropdown part could be customized

The customization of the Select element may also be a browser standardization issue and I’m suspicious that it isn’t possible to style it consistently across browsers. I guess the only way would be to not use the standard Select element but to re-construct it?

It would be super f’in sweet if you guys could integrate a Select dropdown styling option in your filter/sort CMS library!


Hi Guys! , do you know how can I to the filtering with Dates…
(All processes from CMS To the button)
I think I missing something… i don’t know why please help : )

I need help, I have several tabs with the F’in sweet filter on the page, if I reload the page, I want to see the content with the last filter selected.

$(document).ready(function() {
const index = $('.tab-button').index(this);

I know the button is pressed, but it doesn’t work, I think the content hasn’t had time to load.

For each button text block, add the class ‘.filter-by-text’, then add this script.

<!-- Add filter-by attribute to filter buttons loaded by CMS --
   // Get values for each element with .filter-by-text class within the parent DOM and store in a variable
 var filterByTextElements = document.querySelectorAll('.filter-by-text');
  // For each filter by text element

  for (element of filterByTextElements) {

      // Get each element text and store in a variable

  var elementText = element.innerText;


      // set attribute to the parent element dynamically

      element.parentElement.setAttribute('filter-by', elementText);



Can you show me an example with a screenshot?