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Filtered CMS collection to create a link to project page

To who may help,

Ive provided a read only link to my project. I am looking for guidance and suggestions for my ‘Projects’ tab.

I created a filtered CMS Collection and now looking for options on how to display each project. lets say each project will have 5 images and potentially a description. Should I and how do I:

  1. On the ‘Projects’ page, create an individual hyperlink for each project to a new page where I can display photos and text. For example, ive created a folder in my pages called projects and a page called Kirribilli - how can I link the respective CMS project to this page
  2. For each CMS project in the collection, when I click on a thumbnail, it opens up a lightbox gallery that stays on the current page. again how would I link this as I cant figure out how.
  3. create a modal that would pop up a larger box filled with photos and description (is a modal even capable of this?)

Any help greatly appreciated.

Here is my public share link:

to see all the functions correctly operating as it currently stands, the live website is