Filter CMS to specific logged in user (Memberstack)

Good day,

Situation: Creating a client dashboard where a paid client (Memberstack) can submit form requests via dashboard and view all open and completed requests within their personal dashboard.

Current State: Once the form is submitted within the gated page, it is sent via logic to Trello where it creates a new card within a predetermined list. In the same logic, it creates a copy of the request from any client into a single CMS.

Issues: I want to be able to showcase every form submissions unique to each client within their dashboard. Right now when a form is submitted it auto fills the clients Memberstack unique ID into the form in hopes to use it as a unique ID for filtering. Is there a simple way to go about this with maybe some sort of custom code and attributes or is there another way about this?


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Hey Ryan!

There are a few different ways to do this - here are some of them:

Client-specific pages with filters (See template)
This method is great for agencies because all you need to do is set up the clients’ page once and it’s good to go - however, if you are anticipating tons and tons of signups, I wouldn’t recommend it as you will need to do some manual work per client.
Essentially, the way this works is that each client has their own page and you’re using a filtered collection list within Webflow.

Filter by member ID (See template)
We use this method in a lot of templates because it provides the ability to be fully automated without any manual work - it works great, however, it shouldn’t be used for highly sensitive content as the filtering is done client side.

Let me know if you have any questions! Also, for anything Memberstack related, you should join our 2.0 Slack - you will get help from our whole support team and also a bunch of Memberstack experts!

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hi @DuncanHamra
Filter by member ID template is great, but, it’s not working when there are >100 items.
Is there a fix for uploading all CMS collection items for filtering?

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if you’re not concerned about security, you can wire this up a few ways.
Here’s the most robust;

  • Setup FS Load and FS Filter on your collection list
  • Expose your MS UserID for each CMS item somewhere, hidden is fine
  • Setup filtering to be able to filter on UserID
  • On page load, get the MS UserID, set the filter, and trigger it from script. You’ll need to bubble the event to make the filter work.

Boom. User-specific data.

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