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Field responsiveness issues

Hi Folks. Just a real quick one, and probably very simple for all of you.

I’m having issues with the way a page responds. It’s a simple form field to enter the postcode. However, on mobile, this seems to squash up content when you click on the box. I can’t include screenshot as the qwerty keyboard disappears. So when viewing, try out on mobile. It’s the keyboard that pops up on the mobile devices that simply squashed up the rest of the page. So much so it all overlaps and becomes untidy. I’ve tried minimum height for the elements I wish to remain the same.

Other than designing the mobile site through a much shallower window to anticipate the change in page size when the qwerty keyboard pops up or adding interaction to make the main element overlap everything upon press, what solutions have people have managed to find with this?

Thanks in advance.


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