Fetch a collection data by clicking another collection data

Hello everyone, I’m new to Webflow. I need help with two collections: A and B. Collection B references Collection A. I’m displaying data from Collection A and want to show related data from Collection B when I click an item in Collection A. How can I achieve this?

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You could put your collection list bound to A on a static page.
Then link it to your collection page for collection A.

On that page you drop a collection list bound to B, and filtered to “where A = current A”

The thing is both collection A & B are in same page,

the situation is like
when I click collection A item

I need to visible its related data from collection B
under the collection A section if nothing is selected then the section which have collection B should be hidden in DOM

You could put the A collection list on your A collection page as well to have a synchronized navigation.

Static pages are not designed for what you’re trying to do. You could achieve it with JS work and fetch the data, or possibly with Finsweet CMS Filter and CMS Load, and some JS to control the filtering.

:smiling_face_with_tear: it is a task
I am trapped :frowning:

Just need to learn some good development skills. It’s like the ultimate grappling hook when you want to do something that’s not natively supported.

If this was a task in react, it will be done within hours, in webflow there is limits