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Feedback: Scheduled publishing for collection items is now in beta

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Here’s the original thread :arrow_down:

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Apparently here’s a first feedback : All CMS Items Changed to "Staged for Publish" after Beta Release of Schedule Publishing Content

I’m not experiencing this for my part. (yet ?)

Yes this is accurate.

Seeing this too, although all items are still published luckily.

Hi, Brandon here from Customer Support, I am help to diagnose this issue.

@pepperclip @ctrav @Golden28

Can you all send me the share links to your projects for which you are seeing this occur? Is it all of your projects or just some of them? Please provide any and all share links of projects that yous ee affected.

Working with the engineer and teem that pushed this new feature now.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

You can have this one for starters…

and another one…

Just been into other ones and it doesn’t affect them, like this one…

Interesting. Good luck with the bug hunt.

Out of interest, the last one that isn’t affected is the newest of the three.

I’m here if you need me Brandon. I’ve got hundreds of sites in my dashboard if you need me to test further.

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Hi, yes, it doesn’t appear to be affecting all sites.

One that I use for testing purposes isn’t affected. Which is strange.

I will let them know too.

Thanks again for the links.


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Hi all, just wanted to let you know, the issue has been found and a fix is being worked on right now.

When I know more I will let you know here.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

Love this feature! Are we able to schedule entire collections or just individual items? Quick example, I have a client that requires changes to be made in bulk and published on a specific day for some portions of the website, while other changes happen on a more frequent basis and need to be published immediately. It would be great to “bulk schedule” an entire collection to be released at a specific time while also being able to publish other edits as needed. Hope that made sense, LOL.

This is great you guys - cheers!

Does this support different timezones? How do I know when my posts will actually be published in my timezone? Does it trigger publish webhooks? Is my entire site published or just the item?

Edit: Just tested. It uses the site’s time zone :slight_smile: However, the scheduling failed and I got an email saying there was a server error.

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Hi @MKDWebSolutions,

Schedule Publishing is for the sole purpose (at this time) to allow you to schedule an individual post to some day and time in the future. The time will work on 5 min incrementals. The day or month in the future can be anything that is 5 min set in the future from when you initially create the post.

Also, you can come back to a scheduled publish post (if the schedule is far enough into the future) where you can reschedule the post or make update to the post itself. However, if you change the name of a field or add a new field to the collection where you have Scheduled Posts that are still in the schedule timeframe, you will receive a “Failed to Publish” error. Collections must be current and published site wide before a Scheduled Publish post can be created.

I hope that helps answer your question?

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

Have not fully tested this new feature, but it is welcomed! One comment might be to allow the option for us to schedule a time to unpublished the post. It that is possible. So, that way, one could schedule a post to be published for the first of the month, then unpublished at the first of the next month, etc.

I am not sure but I will ask the team.

Good thing. We still need a mobile app editor to write our contents when outside home.


For this option, I would recommend vote on the app system on our page.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

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I went to use this for the first time today and it seems really simple to use - so when it went completely wrong I didn’t really know why.

I had a blog post CMS item with all completed fields, I selected to schedule a publication and I was told that I needed to re-publish my site as there were differing dates between domains (this actually wasn’t the case but I humoured Webflow and republished anyway).

When I was then able to schedule the publication, I selected the date and time and confirmed it, only to receive this message: “Scheduled Publishing failed - The item was not scheduled for pubishing”

Firstly, note the spelling mistake in “pubishing” - secondly, this told me nothing to give me any clues as to why this didn’t work and how I can resolve it. I spotted it was set for publishing anyway, did a quick test publish and found that it just published it for today instead.

Quite disappointing - I’m so sure this can’t be user error because it’s such a simple feature.

I’d also like the ability schedule for the past, so I can tidy up the published dates on my posts pre-Webflow. I have to use my own field for this date.

Just failed here as well, no error other than “server error”. Very helpful indeed.
Also, autopublishing does not trigger any webhooks, so for me the feature is useless.

Hi! Excited about this feature. When a prescheduled collection item publishes does it also publish design changes that have been made in the Designer?

I see that this feature discussion is largely around its use for blog posts.
Does this also work for being able to schedule the release of products?
Say, if a client wants to release an entire holiday collection.
I can add the product data and information into the catalog, but it only allows me to save as draft.
Would I then be required to publish each individually for the “drop”?

I dont understand why this is not applied to the ecommerce products as well ? Will this become a thing ?