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Favorites feature

I’m looking to build a simple site that curates some products where users are able to save their favorite products (so people should be able to log in to view their saved items). Is this possible to achieve with webflow?

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Not fully possible yet, because where would their ‘Favorite Products’ item get stored, how would they view those items, from what application? You can do this with programming, not developer code, this is vastly different from web applications. You would need to hook and talk to a live database, with direct access to an admin application looking directly at the database on a server, that you would control.

I would shoot an email to support and ask about database plugins from Zapier, Zoho or another 3rd party system they could recommend. That’s the only way to allow end-users to access data they store; write an application from scratch or use 3rd party database application and configure it. Services like Shopify and others do this for you on the back-end, but you view it from an admin account.

Beforehand, sit down and draw how you want the user’s path to work; like an org chart. Where a user starts, they go where next, and so on. That way you can send support a visual on how the process would work. They can see what type of application is needed for certain steps in the process.

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