Fade to transparent? (and if you have any design recommendations)

published link: http://elans-first-project-2825c8.webflow.io/

I was about to ask help in solving a few issues, but… I think I fixed all the issues. Do people typically just ask for suggestions on improvements on a current design? One little thing I might like to do is:

I have an inner glow creating a nice fade on the edges of the image, but it fades to black. Is there any way to “fade to transparent”?

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You could build the fade into the PNG.

I’m scouring my mind to think if there is a CSS visibility mask that you could apply a gradient to, but I don’t believe there is.

The problem with building it into the png is that it won’t fade at the edges of the html object. The fade will not be nice and responsive. :frowning: I’m trying to avoid hard edges.

the responsive fade is sweetness:

having an issue with this as well: (phone mode vertical)

ok i fixed it by overriding flex alignment on “Row 4” which is outisde of “Column 3” which houses the “Image 6”


Weird… And I had to do it specifically for the vertical phone mode, if I try to set things in the horizontal phone mode, it doesn’t work or carry over or something.

“PrettyScope” text is still an issue. I could make it smaller specifically for vertical phone. Is that a good way to do it? I wish I could just use “100%” for text size, but it doesn’t work as expected.

just watched a few videos on flex box, I think this will help me a lot moving forward:

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