Facebook Share Link 404 error

Hi community.

I have trouble with facebook share link. I checked the link with Debugger Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers and it works well, but when I try to share it on Facebook, it has 404 error NW3C Financial Records Examination and Analysis | DLG consulting and Advisory Services

Can you help me to find the reason please?

Regards :blush:

Hi @Mariia_Kulida,

I’m not having issues with sharing on Facebook:

Would you be able to send through a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end?


Hi @mww thank you for reply. I have such issue

I am also having this issue as of today. I’ve looked at my settings and things look ok. Not sure what’s up. Here’s FB’s debugger tool:

I found out it was because my canonical meta tag was pointed to our webflow.io instead of our product URL. Hover over your site, go to settings, then SEO, then scroll down to canonical link. Make sure it’s the same as your actual domain name.

And if you haven’t used it already @Mariia_Kulida make sure to research and then recrawl your URL with Meta’s sharing tool. Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers

thank you @mww and @Jeremy_Wayfinder for replies!!!

I found out that it had bug because I missed /recent-news/ in the link. now. it works well :see_no_evil: