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Facebook share button in Webflow

Hello guys :smiley:

I wonder if its possbile for you to implement the facebook share button native into Webflow as the like button? It would be great!


Hi @Daniel_Remes,

Great idea, would be great to see this. Thought I’d share what I use in the mean time, just embed the code from the heap of options you can do (left hand side) at

Kind regards,


Alternatively, I’ve found another one which, with a bit of playing around, can also look quite alright: Might not meet your sharing function however, but just another option.


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Thanks @domin8tor :smiley:

I like the first one but It seems it does not support mobile devices and tablets… :frowning:

I like the second one but cant get it to work… I have tried everything and really followed the instructions…

Any idea if there is any share buttons that are supported on mobile and tablets?

It would be nice to have the option to customise the look and feel of the share options, so instead of the standard, pretty ugly share buttons with counters, one could use any custom graphics, so it would be possible to implement something like this, for example - as on