Facebook like button not working for my page specifically

I have one of the most absurd problems that is making me nuts.
I simply set up the facebook button from the “Add” tab and put in my facebook page url “facebook.com/aidenhallofficial” a few weeks ago. Worked just fine as it should, not much that can go wrong with something so simple…
Today I notice the button is simply gone when viewing the site as well as in the editor. I test other URLs… and they work just fine?! When I change to the other URLs, the button appear again? Like what the hell is going on. I don’t mind hard work and long hours, but random nonsense like this make me go nuts. It worked for weeks and with something so simple I can’t find what could have gone wrong inside the editor.
Is there something wrong with my facebook page maybe?

I just started experiencing this also. I can’t figure it out.