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Extra margin on mobile section, HELP!

Hi all, I’m having issues with one section in mobile.

There seems to be quite a bit of padding above the second section on the home page and I can’t seem to work out where it’s coming from.
I have tried deleting the section and starting again, but to no avail.
All help would be greatly appreciated.
Photo and Link attached

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - King Of Pools
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Watch the attach record. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Appreciate the reply Shokaviv, but I’m not referring to the 60px padding I have. I’m referring to the added padding that is coming from somewhere when loaded on mobile.

As you can see from the Image uploaded, there is extra top padding



Can you attach the published url so I can check it on My handset?

Absolutely :slight_smile:

It looks like it is coming from the first section which is accounting for about half of the whitespace. At least that’s what I see in devtools on a real device in BrowserStack. Hope that helps.

I think possibly it is coming from the hero background that was embedded, when I adjust it’s VH it’s doing some funny things… Sorry, I’m fairly new to webflow.

Thank you for the help