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External javascript editor where are you?

hey guys, what are you using these days to edit custom code in webflow?
the default window on a page is a bit small, is there any editor out there that syncronizes natively with webflow custom code or all I am left is copy paste from sublime etc… I am maybe missing something out there. Can we open the custom code window alone in a tab for example?
any thoughts are welcome (and sorry if I am asking something that might be obvious!)

thanks for your help and happy saturday! :stuck_out_tongue:


hi @Manuel_Huertas_March I know there is some tool from finsweet but I never use it. Another tool I used before was “Tampermonkey” . At current time I’m using mainly chrome DevTools “snippets” as it does I need. Once JS works I just copy/paste into WF.

But I would like to also know what others are using

hey Stan!

thanks for the response, chrome dev tools are good, but was hoping for something more “integrated” with webflow. I am curious to know what is that tool from finsweet you are referring!

it is some kind of JS generator but I never used it

or you can look onto

sorry for the late reply, much Thanks Stan!

visual scripter is cool but strictly related to finsweet libraries which are very useful. Codemore, havent heard of it but will give it a try, thanks again!

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