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External Form using Javascript Button Popup

Hi there,

I have a question about integrating an externally hosted form as a pop-up (it’s an ActiveCampaign form but I guess could be Mailchimp or Ontraport - we just happen to use ActiveCampaign). We want to use a form we’ve designed in ActiveCampaign using this Javascript to launch:

How would I make it so that a button on my Webflow page launches this external form?

I’m getting desperate so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hidden layer fixed top/left/bottom/right: 0. Add interaction to show this layer when button clicked. Add embed code inside this layer.

If the form is an external page, why not just link to it instead?

Thanks for your help…

I’ll try the hidden layer approach - I’m newish to Webflow so working it out - is there a way to link directly to the form in javascript ie. the inline form stored in ActiveCampaign

(this is the inline embed code given by ActiveCampaign)

Thanks, Jason

There is no code in your post. You might need to format it

<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

Should be as simple as putting it in an Embed Code component.

Being a novice to Webflow we’ve tried to get this going - as a test I put the code snippet above into a embedded code element on the page - it popped up once and never worked again.

That being said, I have created a quick test with a button which shows the hidden embed code element here:


I wonder If I could kindly trouble you to look to see what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks,

That script seems to append their own popup elements and form to the end of the page instead of the popup you made, as well as setting it’s own cookies to only display once.

Therefore it doesn’t seem compatible. What you want is a script that generates a form only, not their own form in a popup with cookies.