Export HTML + Collection Content

Hi. I’m looking into exporting my finished site to upload it onto my FTP, being very surprised that the CMS content will get cut from that. How can I put it back into the exported HTML content? Is there a good documentation somewhere? I can’t find anything… Thanks in advance.

You can export the CMS data separately from the HTML/CSS/Javascript, however the native CMS functionality requires Webflow Hosting.

If you want to use a CMS on your exported site, you’ll need to look into a separate platform (Netlify CMS, Contentful, Strapi, etc) and integrate that yourself–however this is typically a fairly manual process that requires some coding knowledge.

Udesly recently updated their Adapter to convert your Webflow project to a Jamstack, but I haven’t tested this out yet. Their documentation claims it’s fairly automated, and it can work with Netlify CMS or via Stackbit.

Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction, but feel free to let me know if that brings up additional questions :+1:

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Thanks for the quick recommendations. Will check these out asap and get back later.

Works fine as it creates an 11ty site. So something to explore.

It sounds pretty rad, I’ll need to spend some time with it as I could definitely see it being a better option for some of my projects. Thanks for the insight :+1:

Hi, thanks for the interesting suggestions, but these are all paid additional platforms. The dynamic CMS options aren’t necessary for the site, as it just has 10-12 image collections in a portfolio – it’s just the way I was creating it.

You can export the CMS data separately from the HTML/CSS/Javascript.

How would I do that, while stripping the CMS functionality?

You could possibly use a json file source as a lightweight replacement for CMS. Not so complicated to set up and easy to convert from a Webflow csv export.

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Thanks, much appreciated – could you point me to a documentation of how to do this?

Alternatively: I am looking to convert collection data to static data, in order to be able to easily upload it to FTP.

Well you need some coding knowledge for this approach, so it may not be viable for everyone.

The general steps are:

  1. Export CMS and convert csv to json
  2. Add your json file to your host
  3. Use a fetch function (js) to read your fields from json file
  4. Use a render function (js) to insert your fields into corresponding page elements
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That seems fairly complicated without knowing JSON yet… Thanks anyway.

Maybe there is a workaround without having to rebuild all of the CMS collections to static content on the site manually?

Edit: It appears this might be a solution: Export CMS site as static site - #7 by leonardomattar and How to export a CMS based webflow site to a static site

JSON isn’t complicated… I think the main issue you have is integrating a 3rd party CMS into an existing website which is equivalent to steps 3 and 4.