Export from Google Docs and Notion to Webflow

Hi everyone,

I am the founder of Cloudpress, an application that allows you to export content from Google Docs or Notion to Webflow. Cloudpress enable you to write and collaborate on your content in Google Docs/Notion and, once you are ready, will export perfectly formatted content to your Webflow collection.

Some feature highlights:

  • Preserves all your formatting including headings, bold, italics, etc
  • Exports your images and can also do image compression and conversion to WebP
  • Will create the proper embeds for links to YouTube, Instagram, and other social media apps
  • Can also update additional fields in your collection allowing you to set values for things like the author, category, featured image, etc.
  • Allows you to embed custom HTML when you need to add content not supported by Google Docs or Notion
  • Allows you to bulk export documents
  • Has integration with Zapier and Make.com
  • much more…

Please have a look at the following pages: