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Explanation of absolute positioning

At the definiton goes: “Absolute objects are positioned relative to their parent element (the box with which it is in). If it does NOT have a parent element, it uses the Body.”

At the definiton goes: “The element is positioned relative to its first positioned (not static) ancestor element”.

If I understand correctly, in order for an element to be positioned absolutely, it should have a non-auto positioned parent (at some level). This does not become clear from Webflow’s definition.


This article may help:

Devtips have a great video about it. CSS POSITIONING

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“One last note: position absolute is calculated based on the nearest
parent that is position relative. If there is no parent that is position
relative, it is calculated based on the entire body.” - well, would it work if the nearest parent is position absolute?

PS: My point was that the Webflow tutorial was not quite clear on the subject.