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Expert please! Anchor no longer work with with CSS scroll snap

Hey guys!

OK, so I am using the anchor in the NAV to jump to sections… but I also want to use ‘scroll snap’ through css to control the experience when you mouse down the page…

For some reason when I deploy this tutorial exactly, it works PERFECTLY however it kills the anchor (so then the nav has no functionality). can you please advise how to get BOTH the anchor and scroll snap to section to work? (Happy not to use the anchor if you have another idea)… also know that the VH is 100 on all except on mobile sizes due to over flow so can’t just ‘animate’ x pixels… at least I don’t think…


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I tried with navigation too, and It doesn’t work, maybe it is a bug on the Webflow.
If you create an HTML file, building a slide vertical with CSS native scroll-snap + navigation, this works fine.