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Error in console when drag and drop images

I still have the issue that Drag and drop images into webflow is not working.

I have this issue in multiple projects. When I have this error I’m unable to add new images.


Thanks for reaching out to the community forums!

Would it be possible for you to send the most up-to-date share link for the specific site? I would love to help out, and this will help me be able to troubleshoot what’s going on here.

Looking forward to hearing back.

My best,



Thanks for your reply.

this is my sharelink project from the screenshot, however, I do have these kind of problems on all my projects.

The time I took the screen shot was: 13:58 5-12-2019 europe time, maybe you can find something in your error logs.


Also getting this error in the page load interaction now in this project:

I had added opacity 0% , as initial state to all the images in “intro2 div”, and added opacity 100% to create some kind of animation.

Still having this error… on different projects!

Hi Elvira,

Thank you for the update! I’m wanting to dive into this and investigate to understand what could be going on, but it seems like the share-link you shared isn’t working. Would it be possible to share an updated link that I can access?

Let me know if you have any updates or questions on your end.


Had the same errors in this project as well:

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