Environment Variables available in Webflow?

I’m trying to call an external API and hiding the client_id and client_secret I am using to be allowed to call that api.

I cannot find documentation on support for Environment Variables on Webflow anywhere or how to keep those values secure without using a cumbersome thirdparty middleman service.
ChatGPT likes to think Webflow offers support for them tho:
"Yes, Webflow has a feature to store environment variables that you can use in your project. This feature is available for Webflow hosting and is called “Environment Variables”.

You can access the Environment Variables section in your Webflow project settings, under the Hosting tab. From there, you can create new variables."

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You must use a third party and make calls from an external server to hide api credentials. From the frontend you can and should only use read only credentials and nothing more

Thanks for answering.
Any preferred third parties you would advise to set this up ?

Depends by you, I usually create external gateways using netlify functions and code or cheap php servers, but you can use anything you want, pipedream,make, zapier. Env variables are not something you can hide if you make calls in a browser, if you need to protect something you must use the API on a server