Enable fullscreen mode of Flickety slider with thumbnails

Hi all,

I managed to create a slider with thumbnails, based on a multi image field of a collection list, using Flickety with the asNavFor option.
Really happy with the result, but also would like users to be able to click an image for a full screen version, like a light box.

I can’t get it working unfortunately. I followed the steps described in the Flickety Full Screen section, but no results.

Flickety has this Pen, but they use “data-flickity=‘{ “fullscreen”: true }’” in the Div tag, and I can’t seem to reproduce it. I tried using it as an attribute, both in the carousel-cell and the collection list. I tried these variants:

Schermafbeelding 2023-04-27 om 13.43.44

Schermafbeelding 2023-04-27 om 13.38.01

Can someone give me some directions?
Here is my site Read-Only
I would really appreciate it! Cheers.

Hmm weird, clicking my own read only link and the slider doesn’t seem to work…
It’s working on my staging website though…