"Emty State" Option not available

I have a collection for a event schedule and I added the field “moderator” (Reference field), where you can select from a bunch of people. I would like to add the empty state “t.b.a.” just in case there is no moderator selected.

Unfortunatly I can’t find the “empty state” option in the element settings.

Or is it, that an empty states canonly be set for collection items as whole, but not for individual fields?

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This is correct. You could overcome this with custom code if you wished.

Tim if you’re doing this inside of a collection list, or on a collection page, you can probably do this using the Conditional Visibility feature. Create your elements / images that represent your “empty state” on that item, and place it inside the collection list where you want it to appear.

Then set the conditional visibility so that it’s only visible when Moderator is not set…


Thank you – the condition does the job now!