Empty alt Attributes in images for accessibility II

Anyone else having problems here with empty alt copy for decorative images and elements?

Based on the WCR they should show up in the code this way alt=“”
But they don’t show up at all, what will cause issues for accessibility and SEO ranking:
Decorative Images | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C.

This has been a topic before and reported as fixed in 2018, but it seems that it still (or again) is not working:

Empty alt Attributes in images for accessibility

Any way to fix this? Workaround?

hi @Sebastian_R When you do not specify in WF value for alt or set in WF image setting as decorative it is populated on img tag as alt attribute (name only).

Now, when you look into HTML documentation


you can see that when is applied only attribute name the value is implicitly set as empty string. This mean that alt is equal alt="".

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Thank you. That helped a lot :slight_smile:

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