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Embeded Vimeo videos in Dynamic item?

Hello Webflow community,

First of all is there a way to use vimeo videos in a lightbox in a dynamic item?
My client will need to upload his latests videos, and so far I only managed to prepare
the Dynamic item structure, but the video URL is just stuck on one video that I used as a reference.

I try to follow this guide written by Samliew

But I don’t know where to copy paste the code in the Dynamic Item?
Shall the code be pasted using an Embed component within the collection page?
And the for each collection item copy paste a new code in a new Embed component and update the collection field all over again for each?
and Then where to paste the code in the step 3: «Page Settings > Custom Code > Footer Code» ?

I am totally new to that aspect.

the public link:

Thanks for the help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

It seems that few people are going through this at the moment.

But I still need some help.

I have managed to create custom light box with the dynamic items (following this tutorial:, but I do not know where to put the Embed code component in the dynamic item. I haven’t found any clear explanation on how this works.
The video is still playing in the background.

Another issue I am facing is:
It seems that I cannot put more than 3 text fields linked with my dynamic collection my Dynamic Item.
The third text field which is named : Production crew, just disappear from the page whenever I link it to the collection. This is out of my knowledge again…

See the screencap, the Text field jumps to the top left corner and disappear when I link it.
But it was aimed to be in Div Block under the video.

Also is this the right location for the Embed code component?

The page is called: Home - Custom Light Box Test.

I hope someone will figure out those issues.


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