Embedding media in a rich text results in weird space

Our blog posts are constructed using a rich text element for all the body content. I added a few live links to Twitter using the “embedded rich content” option. It worked fine, except for adding WAY too much space between successive embeds:

I worked around the problem by using linked screenshots instead, but it’s not ideal.
Anybody have ideas for how to fix this? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi Pam,

Did you use this page to generate the embed codes? https://publish.twitter.com/

I just tested it and didn’t get any excess space between the embeds, so perhaps you have some custom CSS lurking somewhere that’s affecting it?



Hi Matt,
Thanks for your response! I used the plain old share code from the main Twitter screen, but it didn’t make any difference when I tried the code from publish.twitter.com.
It looks like it might indeed be a custom CSS problem - note how far down the page the + icon is here. I’ll have to see if anyone on our team knows what to do with the code.