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Embedding HTML in a design

I have embeded font-awesome icons as follows

      <div class="w-embed awesome"><i class="fa fa-heart" aria-hidden="true"></i>
      <div class="w-embed awesome"><i class="fa fa-heart" aria-hidden="true"></i>

This works perfectly when I download the ZIP file and run it locally. However, it does not display in the designer. I have included this as custom code to load in the .

Another related question : is the only way include elements like to use the embed option? This wraps things in the w-embed class which seems unnecessary.


Html embed is not supposed to show in the designer. It will only show on the published link or exported site.

I wouldn’t know the answer to your 2nd question as i’m not much of a coder. Someone else probably knows the answer to that one.

Does that means someone else will answer the question? It would be nice to get an answer on both of these topics from someone at WebFlow who is a coder.

If the embed code only consists of HTML code, it should display in the designer. If there is a script or third-party plugins, the embed code will disable itself.

That’s the simplest way, as it includes the elements into the place on the page where you need them to be. You can always write custom JavaScript code to generate or convert an empty div placeholder into the element structure that you want, but you need a web developer for that.

Thanks for the response, Sam. This makes sense. I’ll look at the JS solution. Pretty happy with WebFlow other than this small point.

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