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Embed PDF in webflow page? or push PDF into new browser window?

Does Webflow allow us to embed a PDF into a page? Kind of like how the old flash printer did…sorry, I like aging myself ;(

or how can I push a PDF into a new browser window…see my screenshot for where having a simple checkmark box that says, open in new windows would be useful :wink:


Depends whether the user’s browser has a PDF viewer plugin, otherwise it will just download.

The asset linking without open in a new window might be an oversight, feel free to request via the wishlist.

is there a hack way this could be done, can the PDF be embeded into a new page and then just have a new window open up that page?

is there an embed script for custom code that webflow has to include a PDF in a webpage ?

<object data="images/ah.pdf" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; display: block;"></object>

Use the document uploader, upload your pdf. click on the asset, and get the cloudfront link for the file, replace after data=" https://cloudfronturl.pdf"

Some mobile adjustments probably have to be made…

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A special javascript Ninja from Poland showed me the way!

You have to choose the Open in new window and then go choose the File. If you choose the File first, it defaults to not have the checkmark on …thought I’d share with the webflow community this little hack / find

A used field is hidden. This is most likely a bug.

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