Embed Medium publication into Webflow

Need assistance with embed a script.
I try to embed Medium publication by this code:

<script async src="https://static.medium.com/embed.js"></script><a class="m-collection" href="https://on.rioks.co">Rioks Marketing</a>

After inserting value in “Embed” component, saving and publishing to live website, I see nothing.
Should I add additional values to a code or there is another way of embedding?

Thank you.

Can you post the read-only link to your project?

Please check - http://oleksiys-top-notch-site.webflow.io/marketing-consulting

That is not a read-only link to your project.

Sorry, didn’t know it :slight_smile: Just learning how Webflow works.
Here is a correct one -

Go to a “Marketing Consulting” page.

Somehow the content source generated by the script returns a 404. Check with your content provider. This doesn’t seem to be a problem with webflow.


Tried many ways. Seems like it’s issue with Medium code. Wordpress doesn’t want to show embeded content from them either.

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