Embed Marmoset Toolbag viewer?

Hello Webflow community hope you all are having a great day. I am trying to figure out how to embed a Marmoset Toolbag viewer of my own custom model into my website. I’ve gotten weird results. Here is an example of how it should look and function on a site (https://marmoset.co/toolbag/viewer/) I dragged a embed component into my container. I then dragged the .html file the “toolbag” program exported out,


but as you can see from the screenshot simply doing that isn’t enough it needs to reference the .mview file It also exported out. I am unsure how to do this or if I’m going about this the right way, or if this is even possible in the first place. I could very well be in over my head here I hardly know much about code.
any guidance would be much appreciated haha. thanks! C:

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Check this

or allow me to use your workspace so I can configure the issue
They must upload a.mview file to a server and enter the URL in the code for the aforementioned link.

And also visit this link

Embedding on Your Website

Marmoset Viewer content can be added to your website or portfolio as well; however, this will require a bit of HTML knowledge and full FTP access to your web server.

The easiest way to add Marmoset Viewer to your website is with an iframe tag which allows you to link to a separate .html file, in this case a page that contains your Marmoset Viewer scene. When exporting your scene, make sure that .html export is on, and that Full Frame is enabled, to ensure that Marmoset Viewer will fill the space of your iframe.

After you’ve exported your .mview and .html files, upload them to your website via FTP. Then copy the following bit of code into your page, replace yourscene1.html with the url to your .html file, set the height and width, and you’re done.