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Embed iframe from CMS Collection

Hi there

Been scouring the forums but can’t find a way to get iFrame code from Collection to embed on the site.

So I:

  • created a TEXT field in my CMS to hold the iFrame code
  • on the Collection Template page, I create an embed and “added field” the text field from CMSsite.

Page shows up as totally blank if I use:

If I don’t use <script> tags. <iframe> code is seen as Plain Text

What am I doing wrong?

My Site’s ReadOnly link. Data is in the “Podcasts” Collection. Page is in the “Podcasts Template” with this URL

Thanks in advance!

Hey @jayz,

I think you’re absolutely on the right track.

Could I suggest you try this tho.

  1. Add an embed code snip on the CMS page
  2. Add the primary code into this embed (as below)

<iframe src="YOUR_I_FRAME_LINK" width="100%" height="180" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" seamless="true"></iframe>

  1. Add a reference to your CMS, but lets ONLY link the actually link
  2. Add only the link into the CMS


This way were actually only adding a link into the html embed and not replacing the whole script.

Hope I’ve helped man!

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thanks a lot @Thomas_92. It worked beautifully!

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I’m trying to do something similar and I’m getting lost. I am building symbols to reuse in my portfolio where I will want to be able to override the iFrame video link. So my thought was to create a collection with all if my iFrame URLs. The two issues I am having are:

  1. I’m not seeing a way to set the Video Source in the iFrame code editor as an override component. I is possible to set the Video Source as an override where I select from My collection items (video URLs)?

  2. Might be related to problem 1. When I point my video component symbol to grab the video URL from my collection it works as expected. The problem is when I add a second item to my database it automatically adds that video into my symbol. I really just need one video per symbol.

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