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Embed HTML 10,000 characters


I am trying to embed some HTML code in to my webflow site. The maximum characters I can input is 10,000, this really isn’t ideal as my HTML code has around 15,000. Can the characters be increased?

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Host your code in a service like dropbox then call it into your embed. see this similar discussion;

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Previously it was 5000, it was increased to 10000.

If you need more, it should be placed in another file.

Use a combination of these two to do that:


is this procedure the same if the html code (not js) is over 10k characters?

edit: looks like rawgit is being shut down. obvs an old post. lol.

Any embed GT 10k chars will need to be handled with a remote hosted file. There are plenty of suggestions in the forums on where you can go for that. My current favorite recommendation is Digital Ocean Spaces. Easy to use, easy to set up.

I have AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, Digital Ocean, KeyCDN running at the moment. So pretty familiar with these options.

FAST is your friend.

Thanks a bunch!

noob question: what does “FAST is your friend” mean?

Using a CDN normally pushes content closer to the customer and serves files quickly. A slow loading script can bog down your site. Webflow sites are FAST. Add a script from a slow host and you can impact that dramatically.

Thanks! Can you let me know what topics I should search for on the forum? I think I’ve got the file set up on s3 correctly but I’ve (link below) never referenced external html.


FYI: You can take that URL and create an SVG file from it, which can be uploaded into assets and used as an image.

Here is a link to an asset you can download and use.

Hi, I was trying to use your method but it is saying the rawgit is no longer available and will be shutting down. Do you know of another method?


You can try for JavaScript file uploads.

If the script you are using already has a project repository on Github or NPM, you can also use to find the script name and get direct links to the script files. You can also try other solutions mentioned here How to host your own JavaScript scripts files (other than Jquery) on a fast & free CDN like google?.

Alternatively, if you have free or paid web hosting elsewhere, simply host your file there.

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This limit is really silly and prevents you from embedding complex svg code in the site. Referencing it from a file doesn’t allow you to do the same things.