Embed figma and webflow embed with webflow.io domain to another website via iframe

I would like to create portfolio section like on this website Relume Website Cloneable - Webflow, where by tabs I can create that.

I create tabs with figma embed and webflow embed. The problem is that only figma embed work and show my project but webflow embed doesn’t work and show nothing.

Where is the problem?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
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Webflow restricts IFRAME embedding of its sites in other sites.
From what I’ve ascertained, you cannot embed -

  • webflow.io sites in non-webflow.io sites due to the likelihood that some people will use it to abuse the staging sites free hosting.
  • ECommerce and Memberships sites, due to the possibility of keyjacking, clickjacking and other vulnerabilities that might expose the user’s CC or password info.