Embed custom Intercom Code in a button

Hi, I want to have an intercom window open when a “get started” button is pressed. How would I go about doing this?

Is Intercom another web based application? If so, just link the button to that page and set it to open a new window.

Intercom is a customer support platform that can be integrated with websites. This is what I need the window would look like when the button is pressed. https://www.screencast.com/t/jnmci3YL

Okay. You would need to get an embed code from Intercom and paste it into the page’s Custom Code. Then add the HTML snippet into an “Embed” component in the Designer if there’s a button to trigger. But this is simply an embed from Intercom. I’m gonna check Intercom’s docs to see how they allow it…

Yes, here it is:



It will just act as a normal popup in the corner of the browser window.

** You will need this code snippet on “Each” page you want it to show up.

** It looks like you don’t need anything but that code. Looks like it has a little blue button for the trigger.

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