Embed a 360 photo with gyroscope

I’d like to embed a 360 pictures on my Webflow website and I’d like to move it around with gyroscope when I’m on mobile.

So far I’ve tested websites like Panoraven or Momento360 and google street view which allows me to embed a 360 photo into the website but unfortunately with those services I can’t move the image around while I move the phone.

Do you have any recommendation about other websites/plugin that would allow me to do that?

Thank you!

Hey Alberto,

Came across this post that mentions theasys.io: Iframe 360 Virtual Tour - gyroscope problem (Theasys.io)

Also wondering if you used allow="vr,gyroscope,accelerometer" in your embed when using Panoraven, Momento360 and Google Street View?

Hello, thanks for the reply.
I’ve tried but unfortunately it didn’t work