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Editing font/designing Ecommerce Email


Do anyone know if it is possible to edit the font in eCommerce email? :slight_smile:

I would like to use the same font as I use on my website if possible.



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Second this! The automatically generated emails look terrible. They look OK in the web browser, but when they arrive to my inbox (desktop or iPhone), the logo is not sized right, the order and product information text is overflowing the screen.

We need a way to format the notification emails to be much more professional.

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Third this!
The email looks cheap and dosent follow the style of the rest of the branding.
For me, who don’t have an English site, it looks rather foolish when half of it is in my native language, and some parts are English. Such as the button at the bottom of “Shared”.
I may have missed where to edit this, so if anyone know ho to edit this, please let me know :blush:

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