Edit the color of a heading in the Editor

Hi all,

My client is interested in having a feature within the CMS editor that allows them to select from various colors for headings on a page. Is such a functionality available? If not, is there a way I can configure this feature?

I can’t see a option like this.

Not native to Webflow. Styling is centralized in the designer to maintain design integrity.

However if your client really wants that, you could use Refokus Rich Text Enhancer, and then create a series of classes for them like c-red c-teal, etc whatever styles and colors you want. Then they’d be able to use them with a bracket markup like;

[.c-teal]Temporibus magni at ...[.c-teal]

If you do that, I’d probably create a Google doc creating the codes and small screenshots of the styling it will apply, so they can keep track of the codes. A style guide page doesn’t work as well here since you cannot have two editor windows open at the same time on the same Webflow site. If they’re editing and try to open an on-style style guide it will kick them out of the editor.