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Edit Dropdown, Switch Order of Tabs, Add Dropdown Menu

I am trying to edit a template dropdown navigation bar. I can edit the main tabs, but the dropdown part is uneditable. I have turned on the overflow. I also can’t switch the tabs- I want “offerings” to be next to “home,” but it won’t let me. Also, I want the “about” tab to have a dropdown menu, but when I add the dropdown menu, it says it can’t add it.

The problems:

  1. Can’t edit the dropdown menu items.
  2. Can’t switch the order of the tabs.
  3. Can’t add a dropdown menu option to the header.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Hey Olivia, welcome to the forums.

Make sure you are editing the component correctly. Double-click on the component to edit it. Once you’re in the edit mode for that component you can make your changes.