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Ecwid Widgets? I need help!

Is anyone familiar with the ecwid widgets?

My search bar isn’t working properly and I know there must be an easy fix. When you type let’s say “cars” into the search, the window pops up underneath the nav bar. how can I push this window down so it’s not beneath the nav bar? (only does this on smaller screens).

Hi @Quantumgo, thanks for the post. Could you help to share the read-only link to the design?

There may be other styles in the layout affecting to this, and it will be a lot faster to get help with the read-only link:

Thanks in advance!


It’s Daria from Ecwid Customer Care team.

I’ve checked your website and tried using the search bar. Here is what I see when I search for “cars”, see the screenshot

So, you want to display the pop-up with search results lower on page, right? That can be done with a CSS code. Try using this one:

div.ecwid-popup.ecwid-ProductBrowserPopup.ecwid {
	top: 300px;

Add it to Ecwid Control panel > Settings > Design > CSS Themes > your active CSS Theme. Add it at the beginning of the theme and remember to click “Save” button.

Alternatively, you can display search results on a separate page. To do so, you should use so-called “ecwid_ProductBrowserURL” option. You can see instructions on how to implement it in our article here

If you need any further help with your Ecwid store, you are welcome to ask on our forum here We’ll be glad to see you there!

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