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I have a question regarding the use of Wized to set up a shop with webflow. I’ve looked everywhere and I haven’t had a straight answer.

Do I need to pay for the e-commerce plan in webflow if I’m using Wized to create the web app?

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Hey there!

You will need to pay for Webflow eCommerce if you want to use any of their eCommerce tools in your store.

The other option is to use a different eCommerce solution that you link into Webflow with Wized, such as or Shopify via their Storefront API.

Here is a tutorial series on doing this with Shopify and Wized:


Hi @Martin_Mendivil.
Josh with Foxy here. As @RuairiMcN mentioned, you might consider our seamless Webflow integration:

Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started:


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If you’re not planning to use the Webflow e-commerce functionality, then you don’t need an e-commerce plan. You can use the Stripe integration in Wized, or any other payment solution that has a Rest API

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Hi there!

Thank you very much for the response and the link, I’ll give it a try!

Thanks Josh, I’ll surely look more into this option!

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Hi, Max!

Thanks for the response!

Is there any functionalities you’ll consider basic or would require a huge workaround so I may consider to pay the extra dollars for the e-commerce plan?

It really depends what you want to do and how much work you want to put in. Don’t forget additional transactions fees add up over time.

Wized embed 1 has Stripe built in, however Wized embed 2 — which is faster — is still under development, which means a bit more work. It’s also vital to ensure you’re making your app secure.

If you’re doing something custom, you will have to build your checkout flow, but perhaps you’re selling something simple and can use Stripe’s checkout API or payment links.

The solution given is wrong. If you use Wized for your ecommerce features you will be responsible of creating the products, cart and even collect payments with a third party api like stripe. Webflow when used in combination with Wized offers a user interface and Wized handles the logic and connecting to back-ends.
Therefore Webflow ecommerce subscription is not needed if you create your own ecom features using Wized.

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