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Ecommerce & Cookie Consent / GDPR / Cookiehub Issue

Hi everyone,

I’m currently facing an issue with cookie consent/GDPR compliance and ecommerce. I haven’t been able to find a relevant post for this so I’m hoping this might end up helping someone else out in the same situation.

The issue

I recently decided on Cookiehub to handle cookie consent and make my client’s site ( GDPR compliant. Implementing the consent banner is straightforward and seems a good solution (found via @ColibriMedia 's recommendation – thank you!). Since adding Cookiehub to the site however, it is no longer possible to complete ecommerce purchases using card. Paypal still seems to be working but with the Cookiehub custom code present, any attempt to checkout simply stalls on ‘Placing order…’.

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 17.30.10

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EDIT: This is still an issue even if all cookies are consented to via the Cookiehub banner

Has anyone had any experience using Cookiehub with ecommerce, or has anyone else found a third party cookie consent product that successfully supports ecommerce? Thanks!

I just recently found out about Finsweet’s Cookie Consent plugin and IMO this looks to be the absolute best option out there for Webflow sites:

I can’t speak for whether or not you’d run into the same issue for ecommerce, but it’s totally free and worth a try if you’re open to it. These folks rule and while they are occassionally here around the forum (@Finsweet) they also offer great customer service elsewhere.

Hi @Maxwell

I’m from CookieHub.

Thank you for trying out CookieHub! We currently have numerous customers using CookieHub successfully both with Webflow and Paypal payments.

I tried the payment process on your site and was able to reach the 3D secure verification without the process stalling. Is this working when you log in to Paypal and not when trying to pay unauthenticated?

Can you try disabling CookieHub temporarily to make sure the issue is caused by CookieHub? (It should not affect the Paypal SDK in any way automatically)

Can you also open the F12 developer tools and monitor the error log while going through the process to check if any errors are logged to the console?

You can always contact us directly on so that we can do some further testing and figure out a solution.

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