eCommerce check out cart not functional

Please help! I’m stumped. Trying to launch my first simple e-commerce site (to sell tickets to an event). Actually will only have one product to sell but I’ve imported Webflow’s Sample CSV product file just for comparison. When I preview the checkout process:

  1. When items are added to the cart and you go to cart and click “remove” - the subtotal doesn’t change.
  2. In preview mode my footer which says “Proceed to checkout” is visible but in published mode it is not.
  3. I want to send some trial transactions to check on the payment process (thus, I’ve priced the event ticket at $.25 temporarily), but the template items keep showing up in my checkout cart and I can’t delete them.
    Desperate in Florida

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have this same issue, when I turn off the checkout function the checkout button shows and the published site but when I turn on it is invincible, please someone help us out.