Dynamically adding Pinterest "Save" button to images


I just recently published my new photography website and I’m trying to get Pinterest integration to work. I read the pages on how to add the “Save” button to images, but since I have dozens (probably going on to hundreds) of images on my website, I was hoping to be able to dynamically add the button to my images instead of having to manually do it to each individual image. I know SquareSpace is able to do it (example) so that the button shows up when the user hovers on an image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Is your images in the CMS? If they are I can give you an sample on how to do it.

PS but you have to wait until tomorrow, it’s midnight here in Sweden. On my iPad now

I forgot that I wrote a white paper about it. Take a look here

They are not on CMS as I don’t currently use the CMS plan. I did read you white paper previously actually, but it still looked like I’d need to make a wrapper for each image.

Yes and this is why you should use a dynamic CMS, sorry

@MChapman the only suggestion I can give you is following but then you still have to change your site.

Do the layout for the first image and include the Pinterest itton and code. Then you can. copy that object and change the image.

Or just copy the Pinterest object to all images


Hi Janne,

I’m a starting developer/designer using Webflow. I have started working on a project for a client and want to add this function to the site. How hard is this to do for 5 images for each project page using the CMS list function?

And will the users be adding a new image to their own board or are they pinning our image we have added to our Pinterest business account?