Dynamic sharing buttons (yes another post, sorry)

Hi all,

I am building this site:

The problem is that the social media buttons on the left are not working.

I have followed this tutorial


and looked at clone code from a couple of sites.

I thought I had this figured out…it must be something simple I am missing.

What I get when I publish is the social media buttons showing a link to: PARN-PA Ag Resilience Network

I am stymied.

The classes seem correct. The embed code is like the tutorials.

The embed code matches Sabanna’s

Hi, @Patrick_Drohan!

You need to make sure that classes on the share buttons in the embed code are matching those that you created from Webflow elements

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Dang…I can’t believe I missed that…probably looking too long at the screen!

So that suggestion cleaned up the code but still no luck with getting either to work… I will keep looking into it. I just compared my code to Jan Losert’s and it is the same.

The key step in this video seems to be the order of operations. That was my mistake. I am not sure why, but if you do not follow the steps exactly in the right order, the dynamic code effect won’t work, even if the class names are correct.