Dynamic Pricing Module?

My name is Kyle, and I’m looking to get into freelancing audio production and graphic design services, and was looking to use Webflow to host my website.

As a freelance creative, my goal is to fill a “jack of all trades” niche, wherein I can encourage clients to bundle numerous services together (ie. logo design, music production, video editing, lyric videos, etc.) for a discounted price. A feature I was hoping to design for the website in tandem with that goal is some sort of pricing page… something that would allow me to input the price of each individual service, and then allow people to check/select what services they’re interested in. The total price would dynamically change as they select certain services.

Where it gets a tad bit more complicated though is that I was hoping to also create some sort of condition wherein if a client bundles together at least 3 services, a 15% discount will automatically be applied to the total price (and dynamically update on the page as such), and if they select 4 or more, that discount jumps to a 20% off the total, and so on.

I am still learning Webflow, so there may very well be some functions that are perfect for this project that I may not be familiar with, but I wanted to reach out to you guys to see if that was an option within Webflow, or if there was a third party partner you might recommend?

FabFilter has a feature very similar to this that might help illustrate what I’m inquiring about (see screenshot below). Is this something that can be achieved in Webflow?

If not, any work arounds or suggestions you have would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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